Website Development Services

Since 2006, WebDBApps has developed new websites and converted existing ones to new technologies.  The technologies used include:

  • ASP.NET  
  • Node.js

Here are some key points to consider when evaluating whether your business could benefit from a new website or conversion of existing one to new/different technology.

First, do you plan to sell items through your website?  If so, you will likely want to provide a safe shopping environment for your customers.  Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates are strongly suggested for websites that obtain sensitive customer informatioin.  WebDBApps can install a variety of SSL certificates for you to protect your customers' privacy.

Second, will your website content be updated routinely?  This helps garner a higher ranking with search engines but can be difficult to do.  We suggest using a Content Management System such as DotNetNuke or Joomla in such cases.  We have experience installing and configuring these systems.  They are ideal for customers who want some level of self-sufficiency or wish to modify their website content frequently.

Finally, what information do you want to communicate to your customers via your website?  Do you want to provide a listing of your services?  Show samples of your work?  Provide forms for customer to submit information to obtain free estimates?

Careful consideration of the above issues will be beneficial in planning an effective, user-friendly website.  WebDBApps is ready to assist you through the planning, development and implementation of your website.  Contact us today for your free estimate.