Business Intelligence is a way to synthesize disparate data into actionable information through the use of data visualization, transformation and other techniques. Big Data is the new buzz word and encompasses the storage and management of disparate data. Here at WebDBApps, we have been providing business intelligence services since 1998. Here are a few platforms with which we have extensive experience:

SAP Business Objects and HANA allows developers to create an endpoint where report writers can focus on tailoring actionable report objects without worrying about table joins, primary and foreign keys. The ability in the Business Objects Suite to create and publish universes based on a source relational database is case in point. This platform is extremely powerful and most helpful in visualizing data. Your licensing expense of this product will be repaid and then some with our business intelligence programming assistance.

Hadoop and SQL Server are huge players in the Business Intelligence and Big Data sector. Upon licensure of SQL Server, you receive a full suite of tools including Analysis Services (SSAS), Integration Services (SSIS), and Reporting Services (SSRS). This suite helps in situations where you already have data in SQL Server or if you will be doing extensive web based business intelligence reporting. In situations where disparate data in huge amounts must be analyzed, Hadoop is the solution to use. It's ability to manage and synthesize large data sets is the answer to your Big Data needs.

Please contact us today for an estimate to provide you a complete business intelligence solution to visualize your data and make actionable decisions to drive your bottom line.