As General Manager of The Marlowe-Pugnetti Company, a successful Silicon Valley Marketing Event company, I am regularly tasked by our corporate clients to provide files too large for email, including full resolution video, high-res images, proposals, executive presentations, and more – all via the web. Also we are tasked to create and operate complete registration websites to handle client event and hotel registrations on-line. For all this it is paramount that we maintain a robust virtual server, a full set of web application softwares – which is a moving landscape in itself – and the expertise to design, create, update, integrate and maintain all of this complexity. Sid Childers is our guru for this intricate and difficult task. In the case of on-line event registration for example, he must create and maintain a website engine that will securely collect and continually update arrival and departure times, credit card information, rooms and room-mates, even food preferences for hundreds of executives and sales people from around the world. It is a complex task that must be carried off accurately or heads roll. It requires a robust web engine that is easy to navigate, not to mention a secure, bulletproof database. And we consistently rely on Sid to make all this happen – and he makes it happen seamlessly. I have long been impressed by the depth of Sid's expertise, and his ability to quickly learn and integrate new web software applications as they come along. But, even more useful is his ability to track and analyze our needs and our client's needs, and come up with effective solutions. This includes spotting and exploiting competitive opportunities that new applications might provide. Sid, is one of the few technical people I have met who not only can master the complexities of web software applications, but can communicate this nebulous world of software in a way that I and our clients can understand. It is with pleasure I recommend Sid Childers. - Brian Pugnetti

Sid work's hard to gather the details of a project before he begins the build process and he work's diligently to complete the project on time and in budget. He truly is the guy who "measures twice and cuts once". Sid is great to work with on detailed projects because he explains what is required and what is optional in the depth of work, based on your goals. -Toney Chimienti

“Sid was great. His knowledge and expertise was everything above our expectations. Additionally he was thorough and conscientious.” Fulcrum_Solutions

“Top notch. Highly recommended.”   --via